Are you happy or sad?

We all feel so many emotions daily due to many reasons it can be good and happy reasons or it can be bad and sad reasons as well. Whatever happens in our life determines our everyday feelings. We cannot control our feelings so that is why feel every emotion. Are you happy or sad? If you wish to know are you happy or sad then take thus quiz to find out.

Are you feeling happy or sad?

Our lives are so much dependent on what happens around us. Some days are happy, some are stressful, some are sad and some are peaceful. We cannot control our surroundings and on our surroundings, only our emotions rely on. If the situation is good then we feel happy and if it's not good then we feel sad. Happiness and sadness are the two most occurring emotions in our lives. Are you happy or sad?

Are you happy or sad?

If you wish to know whether you are happy or sad you should take thus this quiz to find out as this quiz is fun and you will get to know your emotion as well. 



You are feeling happy. 


You are feeling sad but remember this is temporary everything will be better in no time. Be hopeful.