What flower are you?

Flowers are one of the most beautiful thing nature has given us. Every season there are different kinds of flowers. Every place has different kind of flower. But you know you can also be a flower? Every flower has it's own personality type that matches with us humans? Which flower are you? If you wish to know which flower are you then take this quiz to find out.

What flower describes you? 

Flowers are very beautiful creation of nature given to us by God. Every thing that js created by God is beautiful. Flowers are so small but they make such huge different in our lives. Every season different kinds of flowers bloom. Every place has different kind of flowers. There are so many flowers which we don't even know about. But do you know flowers have their personality type? Meaning you can be a flower too. According to your personality and if it matches a flower you will become that flower. So which flower are you? 

Which flower are you? 

If you wish to know which flower describes you then you should take this quiz quickly to find out as this quiz is so easy and fun and you will get to know what beautiful flower are you. 


You are a beautiful rose flower. 


You are a sunny sunflower. 


You are a beautiful lily. 


You are a big bunch of hydrangea.


You are beautiful lotus.